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Example of "Cherry-picking".
Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:41am (XFF:

I was thinking about this after a discussion on "The Atheist Experience" about how "fine tuned" our Universe was. Everything had to happen JUST RIGHT or our universe would never have existed.

I thought about it again on here, when the discussion turned to picking ONE instance that SUPPORTS your position, and IGNORING a TON of cases that DON'T.

So let's say that there's a seed pod laying in the desert. Inert.

A drop of rain hits it, causing it to sprout, and grow, and turn into a beautiful flower.

You COULD say "What a MIRACLE, that this ONE rain drop fell TWO MILES, blown this way and that, and just HAPPENED to hit this ONE seed pod. Truly, there MUST have been a guiding hand. Something like that couldn't just happen all on its own."

And it IS a miracle -- that this one PARTICULAR rain drop hit the seed pod.

Of course, there were MILLIONS of OTHER rain drops that DIDN'T hit the seed pod.

It just SEEMS like a miracle if you EXCLUDE all of THOSE cases -- the ones that DON'T seem like a miracle.

So you CAN cherry-pick -- pay attention to just the ONE "miraculous" case. But only if you IGNORE all of the OTHERS.

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