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Is this fake news about Korans Found In Toilet?
Fri Apr 14, 2017 4:08pm

I believe religious books could have been found in a toilet at a college, but I don't believe police would waste their time investigating something like this.

I'm opposed to Islamophobia, but this incident seems too minor for the police to waste their time on.

    • My suspicions...Sprout, Mon Apr 17 8:22am
      Sure, lots of folks don't like Islam. But how many would go out of their way to BUY Korans just to put them in a random toilet? Not many... Here is what I figure happened... SOMEBODY was out there... more
    • Public washrooms sometimes run out of toilet paperNews Junkie, Fri Apr 14 5:11pm
      I'm guessing an impressively resourceful individual was carrying around that book for just such an eventuality.
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