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Soul Is Only Explanation For NDE/FDE/SDE/DBV/ADC/TL/ savants
Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:44am

MANY EXPLANATIONS HAVE BEEN OFFERED IN MAGAZINES AND BEEN REFUTED. They all focus on the brain but NDE involve Clinical Death when the BRAIN IS NOT FUNCTIONING. Terminal Lucidity involve a brain or body that is NOT LUCID BUT suddenly becomes lucid shortly before death without any discernible explanation. FDE include the Life Review which cannot be explained. SOME involve OBE as do many SDE.

AFTER DEATH COMMUNICATION and Savant skills without significant training are too numerous and varied to describe but no one can explain. Very few skills can be gained without training, certainly no Savant skills can be gained.

I have described some TL and DFM SAID they were caused by stress but I found no sign of stress in any of the TL experiences. INSTEAD, HAPPINESS Is much more common, extreme happiness with a brain or body that no longer functions until TL sets in and death soon follows.

In the same way Deathbed Visions cause happiness even in the face of depression or sadness. I CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY posters are so reluctant to investigate these Death Experiences for which there are only one explanation: the Soul.

I understand most posters do not recognize the existence of the Soul but we are all fallible including me but all natural explanations have been explained. That leaves only the Soul/Supernatural. That is not just my conclusion but all the doctors and nurses I have talked to in the past 3 years. Those include one neurologist and 6 cardiologist and many geriatric doctors.

So, I challenge you to explain AND my explanation is proof, reason to believe and it is based on VOLUMES OF EVIDENCE which I cannot include here. Much of it is available on the net, especially NDE/FDE/DBV/TL.

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