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How does the weather control op
Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:41am

separate a low pressure spinning core from its trailing front? Simple. By way of powerful RF zapping these psychopath's can surgically slice it out. They can hold the core in place while the front spins on off without its center of energy. I have many times observed this being done to low pressure systems out in the eastern pacific. 1PacificRedwood has utilized the federal government's very own satellite imagery to prove it. This same microwave energy can and does create high pressure systems off of Southern California. Their six year experiment done to California proved the ability to destroyed agriculture and turn a region into a desert. Given the ingredients that make up the jet induced aerosol grunge in our atmosphere, drought and rain can both be artificially created via these microwave facilities that now blanket the entire US. There is no natural weather. Whilst the parrots blabber about climate change, these weather warriors do their dirty business whilst hiding in plain sight. The CON is in the trail. Enjoy the link and the images.

    • nothing, but what you believe is utterly false. Microwaves will not move air at all. They will simply pass right through it. You really need to look into professional help your paranoid ideations on... more
      • That is a LAUGH! and you join in PERSECUTING ME? and you think there will be NO PAYMENT for what you do to me? He knows there IS SUPERNATURAL and while I don't agree with much he says, I'd rather be... more
        • All succinctly expressed! Contrarian, Fri Apr 21 7:14am
          He wanted scientific proof. So, I go against my stated principle to not spoonfeed by using links. Finally, I capitulate. Images and scientific studies, government documents of in situ programs and... more
      • No, you need to check out your own mental blocks.Contrarian, Fri Apr 21 4:47am
        My case is being well presented with links. I do not have to be the expert. You are not. Here is a link to a scientist who has studied the phenomenon of "radar shadow" and the known effects upon... more
      • Who said anything about air?Contrarian, Thu Apr 20 8:45pm
        Water. Water vapor. Clouds. Fog. Snow. Rain. Aerosols. And yes, my science acumen is near zero. So what! The information is what it is. You use to ask for links, and proof. Not enough? I give. You... more
    • How To Reason With a Conspiracy Theorist:Ken C, Thu Apr 20 10:55am
      " Denial comes in all flavors. Some think the moon landing was staged, some think Tupac is alive, and others reject vaccines... social bubbles need to be broken down ... People can't change their... more
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