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It is a question. Ken suggests that among other things
Thu Apr 27, 2017 11:22am

Spirituality be discussed but Spirituality is DENIED. My question is how can it be discussed if it is denied. You don't say you deny it but you are not interested in it. I don't mean to be repetitive but I am lost in confusion. How can my life be denied since it is largely Spiritual in nature.

So, I ask you how can you say you are not interested. Does that mean you believe it exists but are not interested? or you don't believe it exists and are not interested? Either way, why would Ken suggest the topic be discussed? Maybe Ken can explain. I am not trying to be repetitive, far otherwise, but I am confused by the denial of the existence of Spirituality, carte blanche. You don't have to answer but atheists deny Spirituality but Ken suggests we discuss it so I thought I would bring it up since I am trying to avoid you know what.

Aren't pagans Spiritual? That is a question but you don't have to answer.

ALSO KEN SAID THIS IS A PLACE TO LEARN ABOUT SPIRITUALITY, and I am trying to help posters learn about but that leads to hatred and I don't understand that. If someone does not want to read something, the solution is obvious: don't read it, but the hate builds very BAD KARMA.

THANK YOU for your comments but I think it is important to discuss and learn about these issues which are very real.

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