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Christopher Blackwell
Ah, the Arrogance of the White Man
Thu Apr 27, 2017 5:26pm


so certain that they know more than anyone else. They would never dream of asking the Natives about what history that they had knowledge of.

I published one story recently of two ships lost search for the North West Passage by The British in the 1840s. The local Indians knew and were quite amused by how long it took the White men to find the ships. In South America they have cave paintings going back thirty to forty thousand years. Nothing new about this, just how stubborn academics are about letting go of their favored theories.

I published link to a article about another story of Indians that had lived in the same spot on the shore of a bay in Canada for ten thousand years, until the the tsunami from the Alaskan Earth Quake washed their village away and reluctantly they were moved. Only in the last few years have archeologists discovered firm evidence of the fact that humans had lived there that long. But then again they would never have dreamed of asking the natives about it.

So as to this latest article one of my Indian friends said this, "Mmm hmm. But we already knew that didn't we? Now, let us tell you our stories and you won't be surprised when these things happen. We have been here since the first river flowed and the first sprig blossomed." "Grin"

  • Not a chance of being true.DFM, Thu Apr 27 12:55pm “When you put the total package together, there’s certainly more evidence to reject [the study]... more
    • The last ice ageContrarian, Thu Apr 27 1:02pm
      Did it reach Southern California? How long did it last. I can accept hominids were pushed south and live in the area.
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