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Ken, how can you accuse me of criticizing with my back
Fri Apr 28, 2017 6:06am

bloody with back biting and conspiring not to post to me? I try not to criticize. But, I am happy to give examples.

I remember crying when I heard a Baha'i died whom I had never known. I didn't think anything but tears flowed. That is Spiritual Grief.

When we were on Pilgrimage we were shown the stairs Mirza Mihdi walked up the night he died. He is Baha'u'llah's Son. I cried almost hysterically but there were no thoughts. In the same way I cried when I learned Mr. Furutan died. Again, no thoughts, this Spiritual Grief as opposed emotional grief where thoughts overwhelm.

As far as Spiritual Love goes, I remember crying when I mentioned two of my students whom I love Spiritually very much. In the same way I cry when I mention Mirza Mihdi or the Guardian but there are no thoughts, just tears of love.

Spiritual Love is often instantaneous. It reminds me of "Do you believe in a Love at first sight, yes I am certain that it happens all the time." I often feel love for people the first time I see them. A friend's father gave me that love the first time I saw him, rather overwhelming. That love can be felt even when the beloved has not been seen for decades like Beta.

A friend mentioned her name and her beloved face flashed before my eyes and this overwhelming love filled my heart. The last time I saw her was more than 40 years ago.

I have been criticized for "cheapening love" but this is very precious Love I wish all could feel. Thank you for asking, I REALLY APPRECIATE IT.

MISSIONARIES are often examples of Spiritual Fruit, anytime a person is born again and serves God, s/he is a Spiritual Fruit. Soup kitchens and homeless shelters done in service of God are Fruit but if they are for selfish reasons like our school in Honduras it is NOT Spiritual Fruit.

Those are some examples. I hope you enjoy reading them and are inspired by them.

  • and not start so many threads arguing with or criticizing people you disagree with. Some of your posts here seem pretty good. I like the ones where you give examples of spirituality without trying to ... more
    • Ken, how can you accuse me of criticizing with my back — jb, Fri Apr 28 6:06am
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