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"In South America they have cave paintings going back thirty
Fri Apr 28, 2017 6:33am

to forty thousand years."

I have never heard of such cave painting anywhere in the Americas. Please post a link to prove me wrong. I doubt if you can do it. Now, if you had written "three or four thousand years", that would be fine. But adding that extra zero makes it unbelievable.
"radiocarbon dating indicates one painting of a hunter in east-central Tennessee was laid down 6,000 years ago. That would make it the oldest representation in North America known to date"

"Archaeologists Uncover Oldest Settlement in North America

The discovery of ancient stone tools at an archaeological dig in Texas could push back the presence of humans in North America, perhaps by as much as 2,500 years.

Thousands of artifacts dating to between 13,200 and 15,500 years ago were uncovered by researchers led by Michael R. Waters of Texas A&M University. They report the discovery in Friday's edition of the journal Science.

The find was located 5 feet below materials left by the well-known Clovis culture, which was once thought to have been the first American settlers around 13,000 years ago."


  • Ah, the Arrogance of the White ManChristopher Blackwell, Thu Apr 27 5:26pm
    DFM, so certain that they know more than anyone else. They would never dream of asking the Natives about what history that they had knowledge of. I published one story recently of two ships lost... more
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