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There were multiple migrations out of Africa
Fri Apr 28, 2017 3:04pm

"Homo erectus migrated from out of Africa via the Levantine corridor and Horn of Africa to Eurasia during the Early Pleistocene, possibly as a result of the operation of the Saharan pump, around 1.9 million years ago, and dispersed throughout most of the Old World, reaching as far as Southeast Asia. The date of original dispersal beyond Africa virtually coincides with the appearance of Homo ergaster in the fossil record, and about half a million years after the appearance of the Homo genus itself and the first stone tools of the Oldowan industry. Key sites for this early migration out of Africa are Riwat in Pakistan (~2 Ma?[1]), Ubeidiya in the Levant (1.5 Ma) and Dmanisi in the Caucasus (1.81 0.03 Ma, p = 0.05[2]).

China was populated as early as 1.66 Mya based on stone artifacts found in the Nihewan Basin.[3] The archaeological site of Xihoudu (西侯渡) in Shanxi Province is the earliest recorded use of fire by Homo erectus, which is dated 1.27 million years ago.[4]

Southeast Asia (Java) was reached about 1.7 million years ago (Meganthropus). Western Europe was first populated around 1.2 million years ago (Atapuerca).[5]

Robert G. Bednarik has suggested that Homo erectus may have built rafts and sailed oceans, a theory that has raised some controversy.[6]

The expansion of H. erectus was followed by the arrival of H. antecessor in Europe around 800,000 years ago, which was in turn followed by migration from Africa to Europe of H. heidelbergensis, the likely ancestor of both modern humans and Neanderthals, around 600,000 years ago.[7]

Homo sapiens seem to have appeared in East Africa around 200,000 years ago."


Although this text describes just a few distinct species migrating out of Africa, I would expect the migration to have been continuous. That means hominids were continuously migrating out of Africa at least 1.9 million years ago, with evidence of them settling in China 1.66 million years ago. This is 1.4 million years before homo sapiens even existed in Africa. Given this widespread, pan-Asian migration, and the enormous span of time available to them, it is very hard for me to believe that they (perhaps many multiple varieties of hominid) did not also find their way across the land bridge (or along the coast) and into the Americas. Very hard to believe indeed, even if no evidence has been found.

  • than about 15,000 BCE. At least there is no evidence that I could find. By 15,000 BCE the only hominid species left alive was Homo sapiens , the rest being extinct. If you can find earlier evidence... more
    • There were multiple migrations out of Africa — News Junkie, Fri Apr 28 3:04pm
      • Multiple migrations out of AfricaDFM, Fri Apr 28 4:27pm
        Yes, there were. But the Bering Land Bridge was not above the water at all times. It was alternately flooded and emerged and its periods of emergence might not overlap the presence of these... more
        • Of course physical evidence is the gold standardNews Junkie, Fri Apr 28 4:51pm
          I'm just saying that it's really not believable that the various Hominid species that colonized all of Asia, Europe and Africa, and also mastered the use of fire and stone tools would not in the over ... more
          • 1. The Bering Land Bridge may not have been out of water when they might have available to cross. 2. They may have tried and failed to conquer the severe Arctic conditions. Remember, Homo is an... more
          • You bring up a good point.Christopher Blackwell, Fri Apr 28 10:08pm
            News Junkie, However you can bet that when such news evidence comes up, it will be resisted for years by academics whose reputations were based on earlier discovered in the past and earlier theories... more
            • Ocean CurrentsNews Junkie, Sat Apr 29 6:46am
              If hominids had gotten into the water, whether on purpose or by accident, anywhere along the east coast of Asia, the North Pacific ocean current would likely have delivered them to the west coast of... more
              • Dead pre-sapiens could not colonize.DFM, Sat Apr 29 6:39pm
                It take huge preparation to set up a raft for habitation for six months or so. DFM
              • Another pointNews Junkie, Sat Apr 29 6:52am
                Even if 100 percent of hominids perished (didn't know how to catch fish or whatever) while being carried by the North Pacific current from Asia to America, their bones would still be found along the... more
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