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Christopher Blackwell
You only have to accomdate the religions
Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:33pm

News Junkie,

of those actually serving in the military.

Kind of a straw man really, as the military had no problem coming up with eleven different symbols for eleven branches of Christianity.

All the other religions are asking is to get the same treatment for their members serving in the military. After all, people die in the military so why should just Christianity one religion be given preference with multiple different symbols, while religions not be given the same? Dead service people should have the same right to buried under the correct religious symbol of their religion.

  • I hadn't thought about thatNews Junkie, Fri Apr 28 5:16pm
    Just creating a list of all the religions in the world would be a huge pain in the ass, let alone trying to accommodate them all.
    • You only have to accomdate the religions — Christopher Blackwell, Fri Apr 28 9:33pm
      • I thought people had to purchase a tombstoneNews Junkie, Sat Apr 29 6:20am
        so what gets engraved on it is entirely their choice. If someone wants an emoji symbol or an internet meme on their tombstone, why not. Why would that require regulations? It's the individual who... more
        • Except the VA does provide freeChristopher Blackwell, Mon May 1 11:02pm
          News Junkie, headstones and gave marker for veterans, but only with symbols of religions that they recognize. It took ten years of court battles just to get the pentacle allowed for veterans head... more
      • So who is stopping them? (nm)jb, Sat Apr 29 6:08am
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