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Christopher Blackwell
You bring up a good point.
Fri Apr 28, 2017 10:08pm

News Junkie,

However you can bet that when such news evidence comes up, it will be resisted for years by academics whose reputations were based on earlier discovered in the past and earlier theories that they cling to.

We have growing amounts of evidence of people older than the Clovis people, but the supporters of the Clovis people still fight against accepting it.

Ah the politics of academia is brutal. Look at the Australian doctor that discovered the fact that micro bodies caused ulcers. It still took several years to be accepted, because he was not research doctor, so what could he know?

  • Of course physical evidence is the gold standardNews Junkie, Fri Apr 28 4:51pm
    I'm just saying that it's really not believable that the various Hominid species that colonized all of Asia, Europe and Africa, and also mastered the use of fire and stone tools would not in the over ... more
    • 1. The Bering Land Bridge may not have been out of water when they might have available to cross. 2. They may have tried and failed to conquer the severe Arctic conditions. Remember, Homo is an... more
    • You bring up a good point. — Christopher Blackwell, Fri Apr 28 10:08pm
      • Ocean CurrentsNews Junkie, Sat Apr 29 6:46am
        If hominids had gotten into the water, whether on purpose or by accident, anywhere along the east coast of Asia, the North Pacific ocean current would likely have delivered them to the west coast of... more
        • Dead pre-sapiens could not colonize.DFM, Sat Apr 29 6:39pm
          It take huge preparation to set up a raft for habitation for six months or so. DFM
        • Another pointNews Junkie, Sat Apr 29 6:52am
          Even if 100 percent of hominids perished (didn't know how to catch fish or whatever) while being carried by the North Pacific current from Asia to America, their bones would still be found along the... more
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