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NO, ask a dr. or nurse. I ask if they are familiar with.....
Sat Apr 29, 2017 7:47am

and they say yes. Drs. don't worry about patients arguing with them. TRY IT! It is amazing how well known these things are. But, you don't WANT to believe. I talk to lots of nurses and they tell me lots of stories. THEY KNOW about NDE/DBV/TL as do doctors. The secret is out. I asked the doctor if it is possible the brain is not responsible for things we attribute to it and he said, YES, MORE STUDY NEEDS TO BE DONE. That is the conclusion more and more doctors are coming to.

Of all the dozens of drs. and nurses I talk to only one was not very familiar with NDE ETC. The problem is I can discuss but the rest of you can only ARGUE.

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