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Your opinion is based on a finite group of people. My opinio
Sat Apr 29, 2017 9:21am

ns are based on dozen years of study of NDE/FDE/SDE/DBV/ADC/TL/SAVANTS AND PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with ADC/SAVANT and conversations with dozens of doctors/nurses. That is a whole different ball game. You are judging negatively of a huge group of people and I am judging EXPERIENCES WHICH CANNOT BE EXPLAINED. NOW, if you would like to explain them, I am all eyes. But, my opinion has always been based on studying the experiences.

I read many experiences before I came to conclusions. NOW, my opinions are based on thousands of experiences that I have read culled from millions of experiences. I have also read contrary opinions and rebuttals and I have invited contrary opinions and am always open to that which is contrary to prejudice.

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