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I DO! I have been hospitalized twice with heart problems and
Sat Apr 29, 2017 9:36am

had consultation with 3 doctors at one time for some reason. I see a nurse every week. You should probably see a dr. at least every year. I usually ask nurses if they know about Deathbed Visions or Terminal Lucidity. Of course, you can always read about them online and ask me. I can ask nurses your questions.

I asked the cardiologists if he thought the things we credited the brain to should be reconsidered and he answered yes, more study needs to be done and the reason is people whose brains have been destroyed by Alzheimer's and had no functioning memory and could not move due to strokes or something, suddenly recover memory and movement JUST BEFORE DEATH. This cannot be attributed to rejuvenation of the brain so where do we look for an explanation?

Similarly, NDExperiencers have OBE AND REMEMBER what happened when they were Out of Body. How can that be explained? How can we explain Deathbed Visions? These are very difficult questions to answer.

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