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Christopher Blackwell
Well when some paid up to $250,000
Sat Apr 29, 2017 10:29am

Mondo Fuego™ ,

it does seem to show that rich kids can prove to be as brainless as any other kids.

Hardly envious, I have never had the slightest interest in going to a music festival. I marveled at the mess that Wood Stock was, and here they out spent it and did far worse than Woodstock. Woodstock at least got music for their effort.

I hope you did not have any kids, or grand kids dumb enough to go to the Fyre Festival.

Now at that age I was able to plan, completely on my own, and carry off a five month tour of England, Scotland, Wales, both Irelands and the Isle of man. I had a great time, did not use any of the tourist agencies nor get tied to a group of bored American tourists being dragged around on their tour schedule in crowds. I had planed on a four month tour, and found that I had overestimated the cost, so I ended up an extra month. Not too bad for a naive young guy of 21.

I think that I could have made far better use of the amounts of money than the rich ding-a-lings spent and actually had a real adventure. I bet the kids heard plenty from their parents on their foolishness.

I wonder how much the combined lawyers will make off of this fiasco? It might be entertaining to watch this play out.

  • Yawn!Mondo Fuego™ , Sat Apr 29 5:56am
    The sad thing is that people like you take delight in seeing a project for the rich fail. It's called schadenfreude combined with wealth envy.
    • Well when some paid up to $250,000 — Christopher Blackwell, Sat Apr 29 10:29am
      • So, it's not wealth envy with you ...Mondo Fuego™ , Sun Apr 30 7:59pm
        ... just schadenfreude. LOL
        • Not that either.Christopher Blackwell, Mon May 1 9:52pm
          Mondo Fuego™ It is just the foolishness of people that need to be constantly entertained by someone else,that need to see and be seen all the time as though the world revolves around themselves. I... more
          • It's not your problem, is it?Mondo Fuego™ , Tue May 2 8:54am
            Then, why worry about it? Maybe these people didn't "waste" money. Maybe the money they pissed away went to benefit others. Who knows?
      • What!! Stupid brats of the 1%! Why not?Contrarian, Sat Apr 29 7:14pm
        Their parents have looted the rest of us. Money to burn.
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