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Insufficient evidence. Here is the story.
Sat Apr 29, 2017 6:49pm

The rock art is real, but dating is iffy. In particular, no human bones of anything like 30,000 years have been found. Charcoal is often formed by natural forest fires. Buried underground, it can continue to exist indefinitely until used by humans for producing art.

Pedra Furada includes a collection of rock shelters used for thousands of years by human populations. The first excavations yielded charcoal deposits with Carbon-14 dates of 48,000 to 32,000 years BP. Repeated analysis has confirmed this dating, carrying the range of dates up to 60,000 BP.[3] A review of the site by archaeologist Tom Dillehay in 1994 suggested that the charcoal remains may have been from natural fires and were not necessarily indicative of human occupation.[4]

Guidon has established 15 distinct levels, classified in three cultural phases, called Pedra Furada, that includes the oldest remains; and Serra Talhada, from 12,000 to 7,000 BP, with tools such as knives, scrapers, flakes used "as is" or with some retouch and lithic cores, all made of quartz or quartzite. Third is Agreste late phase. The site also has hundreds of rock paintings dated from 5,000 to 11,000 years ago.[5]

More recently, the site of Toca da Tira Peia, also in Serra da Capivara National Park, was shown to have signs of human presence dating to 22,000 years ago.

"signs of human presence" can be many things. Only human bones can establish human habitation unambiguously.

I am still skeptical of any human habitation of the Americas prior to roughly 15,000 years ago. Of course, evidence may pop up tomorrow, but until it does, I stand pat.


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    • Insufficient evidence. Here is the story. — DFM, Sat Apr 29 6:49pm
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