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Christopher Blackwell
Sad Story of course
Mon May 1, 2017 9:27pm


but how does this prove that the United States a wonderful country? Comparing us to worse countries proves nothing about us.

Whether our country or awful is a matter of opinion, based on our own personal experiences and values.

Certainly we can do remarkable things, both good things, and awful things, and have done so many times in our history.

I think when we truly become a wonderful country in most things, then we will no longer need to spend so much bragging abut ourselves, or our country. Just our existing, will prove the point. Now that is a day I would very much look forward to.

  • this will make ya think, and it yome, Sat Apr 29 8:48pm
    should make ya grateful for our wonderful country.
    • Sad Story of course — Christopher Blackwell, Mon May 1 9:27pm
    • All the terrible things in North Korea don't justify the incompetence and selfishness of some US politicians.
      • ify the HORRORS of nkorea. I know the Korean people. I love the Korean people but they are suffering horribly and US faults does not justify that suffering.
      • yepyome, Sun Apr 30 6:52pm shes one, and then we have another one that thinks Donald Trump is George Bush.
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