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Christopher Blackwell
I am sure that other counties just love the idea
Mon May 1, 2017 10:10pm


that we expect them to act like our paid puppets.

After World War II essentially we got away demanding just that as most of the European countries were on the ropes, and dependent on us. But once they got back on their feet they no longer needed to be quite so slavish to our demands. While we still have illusions about power, the rest of the world can see that we are collapsing. So they are preparing for the new world without us. Soon enough we will be just another third world country dependent o foreign tourists and being treated in like savages, much as some of our own tourists do overseas.

What is happening now, is that our remaining wealth is being gutted by our own wealthy as fast as they can.Why else would billionaires be in our White House, certainly not to serve the rest of us.
The best way to gut a country's government is from the inside.

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