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Christopher Blackwell
Your clear bias is showing again.
Mon May 1, 2017 10:35pm


you fascinate me because you are the only evangelic fundamentalist Baha'i that I have ever met. You would fit much better as a evangelic Christian.

No you do not believe that all religions are one, only the few of the larger that have alleged holy books. That is pretty selective out of all the religions there are in this world, some much older than any of the ones that you favor.

I don't need to talk a lot about my religion, because is is a personal thing between me and my gods. My personal religion is not seeking to become the biggest, wealthiest, or the most politically powerful religion around. I don't have to convert a single person, nor does it matter how many fellow believers that I have. I would continue if I was the only person in my religion. I am certainly not impressed by the I am more Pagan than thou crowd.

There never was just one right way to practice any Pagan religion. It varied to fit the people and the place where it was practiced.

It is the same reason why the larger religions splinter into so many sects and denominations. All attempts at religious orthodoxy fail over and over again, no matter how bloody and dictatorial any religion gets. I believe I recall reading that there are 30,000 denominations of Christianity alone.

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