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Christopher Blackwell
Except the VA does provide free
Mon May 1, 2017 11:02pm

News Junkie,

headstones and gave marker for veterans, but only with symbols of religions that they recognize.

It took ten years of court battles just to get the pentacle allowed for veterans head stones. One widow had been fighting for it much longer than that and died before her husband's grave in Arlington National cemetery finally was given one with a Pentacle on it.

The other Pagan religions also have fought in court for years. Yet Christianity was over time was allowed eleven varieties of markings to represent the various denomination. Remember there are a fair number of different Pagan religions, each might wish a symbol that is sacred to them put on their head stones.

As for myself I do not expect nor want to have a gravestone, or even a burial or a service of any kind.

So I have donated my body to a scientific collection of skeletons for future study by doctors and researchers of such things. What they do with the rest of my body is of no importance to me. Nor will my family have any say so in the matter. I have already explained that to them.

  • I thought people had to purchase a tombstoneNews Junkie, Sat Apr 29 6:20am
    so what gets engraved on it is entirely their choice. If someone wants an emoji symbol or an internet meme on their tombstone, why not. Why would that require regulations? It's the individual who... more
    • Except the VA does provide free — Christopher Blackwell, Mon May 1 11:02pm
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