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"Spin" makes the Islamophobe's fantasy world go 'round...
Tue Jun 13, 2017 5:57am

Once again we come together, to stand united against those who try to divide us, said the chairman of East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre, Muhammad Habibur-Rahman.

The cold-blooded murder of innocent people in London on Saturday evening will not succeed in driving us apart.ťI have a clear message to those who perpetrate terrorism: you are against the very core teaching of Islam and of our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Your misguidance will lead you to destruction, and God willing you will utterly fail in your evil aims.

"We stand apart from you and your corruption of the religion of Islam. Terrorism has no faith."



Conditions for Combative Jihad

The ruler, the Imam, is completely answerable to the people and their legal apparatus, the most important representatives of whom are the scholars. The position of the law is that only at such a time when it can be reasonably proven that; there are aggressive designs against Islam; and,thereare concerted efforts to eject Muslims from their legally acquired property; and, that military campaigns are being launched to eradicate them.

At such a time the ruler can declare and execute the provisions of Jihad. It is a condition that there be a leader of the Muslims, an Imam, to declare combative Jihad. In al-Mughni, Ibn Qudama states,

“declaring Jihad is the responsibility of the Imam and is his independent legal judgment.” Al-Dardir says, “proclaiming Jihad comes through the Imam’s assignment of a leader.” Abu Bakr Al-Jazaa’iri states that the pillars of Jihad are: “A pure intention and that it is performed behind a Muslim Imam and beneath his flag and with his permission. …it is not permissible for them to fight without an Imam.”

Thus, the pillars of Jihad themselves define the Islam-perverting terrorists as rogue outliers, and, as such, hardly "martyrs" of the faith.

Now check out the "spin" applied to the London story at (one of DFM's go-to sites for anti-Muslim propaganda):

Excerpts (in red) from the above link:

"This all sounds great, but there's just one catch: Muhammad is depicted in hadiths as forbidding funeral prayers for martyrs, and Islamic law forbids such prayers as well," says Islamophobe Robert Spencer, director of the "Jihad Watch" website, ultimately concluding that "what has been taken by the world as a great show of Muslim rejection of terrorism is actually a display of Muslim adherence to Islamic law, acceptance of terrorist deaths as Islamic martyrdom, and application of Muhammad’s dictum war is deceit.”

The catch to Spencer's so-called "catch" (regardless of whether it is true or false that funeral prayers for martyrs are forbidden without exception (note that the words from the above link--"Religious leaders would not carry out traditional prayer that is reserved for ALL Muslims regardless of their actions"--contradict the notion that funeral prayers for martyrs is in actual practice unexceptionally forbidden)), is that these rogue Islamic rejects are NOT deemed martyrs for the faith by the faith, thus giving the lie to the propagandist's claim that the 130 imams' refusal to perform the traditional prayer for the London terrorists demonstrates "acceptance of terrorist deaths as Islamic martyrdom and application of Muhammad's dictum war is deceit."

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