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Mondo Fuego™
I think Trump should fire Mueller and ...
Tue Jun 13, 2017 8:27am

... demand a replacement Special Counsel (and staff) that is in no way connected to the FBI, DoJ, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Trump, or any major political hitters.

There should be a clear statement of scope, goals, objectives, time limit and budget to prevent this nothingburger from becoming another national drag, given that absolutely nothing has materialized since this Russian witch hunt began about a year ago.

There is no doubt that Mueller represents a conflict of interests. His bosom buddy, Jimmy "the Showboat Leaker" Comey, has already proven to be tainted with the stench of Clinton, Obama, Lynch and other nefarious political skanks.

    • You think all the contacts his campaign workers had with Russian Intelligence people went by without Trump knowing about it? If so, he should quit because of his stupidity. He won't release his tax... more
      • The difference between what I and you thinkMondo Fuego, Wed Jun 14 10:33am
        I am right. You are wrong. I base my position on Mueller on his lack of sufficient independence from the organizations and persons involved in the investigation. Furthermore, Mueller has hired a... more
      • Wrong!Shadow, Tue Jun 13 4:05pm
        I'm no great fan of Trump, but if you believe what you wrote then you do not think; you merely react.
    • The stench is mounting ... Mueller hiring Clinton CroniesMondo Fuego™ , Tue Jun 13 11:08am Robert Mueller Stocks Staff with Democrat Donors Special counsel's team includes former Clinton Foundation lawyer,... more
      • Interesting that the wide open stench of RepubliansChristopher Blackwell, Thu Jun 15 9:28pm
        Mondo Fuego™ bothers you not all. Please explain why Democrats using the Republican's own tactics bothers you suddenly? It bothered you not, when the Republicans did it. Why is it only suddenly bad... more
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