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A Brief Quiz on Palestine
Wed Jun 14, 2017 5:43am

Once upon a time, there was a country named Plashet (Philistia) (located in what is now Gaza & mentioned in the Five Books of Moses) inhabited by the Plishtim (Philistines). This country was dissolved and its people evicted by Kings Saul and David around 1000 BCE after over a century of domination of Israel by Plashet. The Plishtim passed out of history by merging with the Egyptians.

After the Roman destruction of Judea, Rome attempted to deny the prior existence of a Jewish State, so it changed the name of the entire province (not just Gaza) to Palestine. That was the first time that the term was used to refer to the entire Land of Israel. So the name remained, but the Jews came back; first in trickles, and finally in a torrent of immigration.

This area became the Palestine Mandate controlled by the United Kingdom. Most of the inhabitants were Jewish, the rest Arabs who had migrated to Palestine from Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, & Syria. It even had an official Flag of Palestine shown below. Does that flag tell you anything?


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