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"The problem...
Wed Jun 14, 2017 6:45am

...with 'upright, progressive, peace-loving Muslims' is that they have not made a concerted effort to seize control of Islam from the loonies. Their silence is tacit acquiescence to Muslim violence."

-- DFM

Of national security and largely unsung acts of patriotism performed in service of America's defense:

"Members of the Muslim and Arab-American communities are valuable partners in a shared effort to combat terrorist threats. They have regularly denounced terrorist acts and those who carry them out, and have provided critical assistance in helping to disrupt terrorist plots and combat radicalization."

[Source: Fact Sheet: U.S. Department of Justice]

"Muslims helped law enforcement intervene in half of the al-Qaeda plots foiled in the United States since 2009, but anti-Muslim rhetoric may make that more difficult."

"Distinguishing between Muslims and radical Islamic terrorist groups is critical to developing and implementing effective counterterrorism policy. Lethal operations, efforts to capture terrorists before they strike, or to prevent them from becoming radicalized in the first place, can all be seriously impacted by anti-Muslim rhetoric -- because it deters information-sharing and cooperation by peaceful Muslims. Moreover, such rhetoric can undermine relationships with key partners. As more than 100 national security experts recently noted: 'Hateful, anti-Muslim rhetoric undercuts the seriousness of combating Islamic radicalism by alienating partners in the Islamic world (who are) making significant contributions to the effort.'"

[Source: Anti-Muslim rhetoric is a national security threat]

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