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10 Popular Ex-Porn Stars Share The Raw Reality Behind Their
Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:17pm

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This is very, very sad. But it reveals the way the "stars" are destroyed by the "industry".

There are many people in society who think that porn is just harmless entertainment and that porn stars truly are the insatiable sex-craving goddesses they are portrayed to be. Regardless of all the overwhelming research and countless personal accounts exposing the dark reality of the porn industry, many still buy into the fantasy that the porn industry works hard to build. A lot of people have a similar mindset as this guy who messaged us on Facebook:

“Porn hurts nobody.” “They do it because they like to do it.” These are popular perceptions that many people in our society have when it comes to pornography. However, perception is not always reality. The fact of the matter is that the porn industry is riddled with violence, drugs, coercion, and disease. And while active porn stars rarely, if ever, speak out due to fear of not getting work or being discriminated against, the majority of those very same performers inevitably end up speaking out on their real experiences once they leave the industry. These personal accounts are never pretty.

Vanessa Belmond, who worked as a porn star for seven years under the name of Alexa Cruz, recently revealed some startling insider information about the seedy world and shared her nightmares on a British TV show called, “Date My Porn Star.” The young woman has redirected her passion towards now crusading against pornography and all of its ills as a volunteer with, reports the Christian Post.

The three men who were vying for Belmond on the show, probably expected a fun-filled experience but instead, the 25-year-old woman had them in tears after exposing all of the traumatic experiences she underwent in an effort to please her panting onlookers.

Countries with the most porn views per capita:

#1: Pakistan. As well as having the most porn searches per capita, Pakistan also leads in porn searches for snakes, donkeys, pigs, dogs, and cats.

#2: Egypt. The top search term in Egypt is "Arab" while "mother" and "mom" are close behind.

#3: Vietnam

#4: Iran. Like Egypt, Iran's top search term is "Arab."

#5: Morocco

#6: India

#7: Saudi Arabia

#8: Turkey

#9: Philippines

#10: Poland


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