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Of Course.
Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:31am (XFF:

But that doesn't change the question.

Are you saying that people's religious freedom has limits? Where does that limit land?

If we're talking about minors and informed consent, does that apply to all religious practice?


  • Apples and oranges...Sprout, Tue Jun 27 7:41am
    But you knew that. Or should have. There is a HUGE difference between the 'burden' of having to find someone different to make you a CAKE, than in trying to find someone to commit a criminal act for... more
    • Of Course. — Amadeus, Tue Jun 27 8:31am
      • serve breakfast foods but only Halal breakfast foods, should I be able to FORCE them to serve me real pork products in violation of THEIR religious freedoms? Of course not. I can take my ass to... more
        • wedding, the customer can go to ANOTHER BAKERY. THAT IS SO SIMPLE. 13TH AMENDMENDMENT says I cannot be forced to serve contrary to my religion UNLESS the customer is in a PROTECTED CLASS.
        • You Can't Make A Waffle Haus...Amadeus, Tue Jun 27 8:42am
          ...serve you caviar. They don't serve anyone caviar. In the case of your Muslim owned restaurant, they are not discriminating by selling only halal foods. They sell what they sell equally to... more
          • But bacon is bacon right? Sprout, Tue Jun 27 9:00am
            Why NOT simply throw some pork bacon on the grill right next to the turkey bacon? The ONLY reason they don't want to is THEIR religious convictions... Of course, to you, me having to go down the... more
            • You Are Missing The Point...Amadeus, Tue Jun 27 1:03pm
              Nobody is asking the bakers to make something they don't normally make. Nobody is asking the bakers to serve bacon. Or caviar. It is a matter of discrimination against clients. Amadeus
              • No one is asking the breakfast place toSprout, Tue Jun 27 1:45pm
                make something they don't ordinarily make... breakfast food. They make bacon. They just want to not make MY style of bacon.... Just like the bakery wants to make wedding cakes, but just not the... more
                • That's A Dodge...Amadeus, Tue Jun 27 1:51pm
                  And you know it. Find a better analogy, because this one is broken. When a shop sells a good, they have to sell that good to everyone equally. When a business offers a service, they have to offer it... more
                  • It is a stylistic difference...Sprout, Tue Jun 27 1:55pm
                    If you want a cake with a bride and a groom on top, and I want a cake with 2 grooms on top, we have requested a stylistic difference in product... The store has the capability to provide both with... more
                    • Law but other Religions Laws so if making a cake for homosexual marriages violate my beliefs you can go somewhere else for your cake. It's not a matter of NOT GETING THE DAMNED CAKE BUT WHERE you get ... more
                    • No.Amadeus, Tue Jun 27 2:04pm
                      If my shop bakes cakes, anyone who wants to buy a cake can buy one. They can't demand that I get some rare, exotic flour that I don't normally use. They can buy a cake off of the list of cakes I... more
                      • As long as they buy off the shelf thatSprout, Wed Jun 28 4:42am
                        would be correct. But when we start talking about cakes for weddings they are CUSTOM MADE. No one said anything about a "rare and exotic" flourish. Simply pork bacon instead of turkey bacon.
                        • That Is A Service...Amadeus, Wed Jun 28 5:24pm
                          If I offer the service of custom made cakes, I have to sell that service to everyone. There are laws about obscenity that protect bakers from having to write messages on cakes that are offensive, but ... more
                          • Couriers...Amadeus, Thu Jun 29 7:21am
                            ...can't refuse to carry love letters between same-sex couples because they don't want to be seen as promoting homosexuality. Everyone understands that the courier doesn't know or care about the... more
                        • them.
                      • Well said... (nm)Sia☺giah, Tue Jun 27 9:56pm
            • ORDER ME TO DELIVER A CAKE to a homosexual wedding.
      • Of course religious freedoms have limits....Sprout, Tue Jun 27 8:36am
        It is illegal to conduct human sacrifice in the US, even with the informed consent of the sacrifice. No one is suggesting that there are ZERO limits to religious freedoms. The point is that NO ONE... more
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