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When i look at the history of the anti-discrimination
Tue Jun 27, 2017 1:43pm

ordinances it was to reduce a significant burden...There were towns that only had one mechanic, and if that mechanic refused to work on a black man's car, it could SERIOUSLY burden the black family living there. Which was the mechanic's intent of course.

Nowadays there are DOZENS of auto shops, man of them owned and operated by minorities. So it isn't as if there is a burden.

And in the modern world with Amazon and such, so much can be purchased online without the retailer even being AWARE of the personal data of the buyer, the OPPORTUNITY for discrimination is greatly reduced.

IMO if the couple had a problem finding a baker to do their wedding cake because all, or even most, of the bakeries in town didn't want to do the job, I could see grounds to say there was a significant burden, and thus grounds to involve the gov't.

But the truth is, I see this whole issue simply as one of customer service. And ultimately poor customer service. If the business doesn't want the customer, I don't really CARE why. Why would I want to FORCE a business that doesn't want my money to take my money? If they don't like me, that is just one MORE good reason for me to NOT do business with them.

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