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Tue Jun 27, 2017 2:04pm (XFF:

If my shop bakes cakes, anyone who wants to buy a cake can buy one. They can't demand that I get some rare, exotic flour that I don't normally use. They can buy a cake off of the list of cakes I offer. They can select options off the list of options I offer. If I do not offer a topper that is two grooms, they can't make me sell them one. But if I sell single toppers, I can't refuse to sell them two groom toppers for their cake.

If my shop sells delicious, piggy pork bacon, a client cannot come in and demand that I sell them thick cut bacon. They cannot demand that I sell them turkey or alligator bacon. They can buy any of the bacon I sell to everyone.

It's called not trying to justify discrimination in a way that doesn't make you look like a bigot.

And don't try the tactic of ridiculing the right way to do things. It is adult to demand equality before the law. Of course it is. And it isn't "whining" to use the law to make sure that equality remains the only acceptable standard. For goodness sake, you sound like a playground bully: "Go whine to the teacher that I hit you, you baby. Go on." Actually, yes. Do go and tell the teacher. Don't let the moron, playground bully hit you and then tell you you're stupid for doing the right thing to get the hitting to stop and to get punitive measures for the bully. Why listen to the bully at all?


  • It is a stylistic difference...Sprout, Tue Jun 27 1:55pm
    If you want a cake with a bride and a groom on top, and I want a cake with 2 grooms on top, we have requested a stylistic difference in product... The store has the capability to provide both with... more
    • No. — Amadeus, Tue Jun 27 2:04pm
      • As long as they buy off the shelf thatSprout, Wed Jun 28 4:42am
        would be correct. But when we start talking about cakes for weddings they are CUSTOM MADE. No one said anything about a "rare and exotic" flourish. Simply pork bacon instead of turkey bacon.
        • That Is A Service...Amadeus, Wed Jun 28 5:24pm
          If I offer the service of custom made cakes, I have to sell that service to everyone. There are laws about obscenity that protect bakers from having to write messages on cakes that are offensive, but ... more
          • Couriers...Amadeus, Thu Jun 29 7:21am
            ...can't refuse to carry love letters between same-sex couples because they don't want to be seen as promoting homosexuality. Everyone understands that the courier doesn't know or care about the... more
        • them.
      • Well said... (nm)Sia☺giah, Tue Jun 27 9:56pm
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