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Well said... (nm)
Tue Jun 27, 2017 9:56pm

  • No.Amadeus, Tue Jun 27 2:04pm
    If my shop bakes cakes, anyone who wants to buy a cake can buy one. They can't demand that I get some rare, exotic flour that I don't normally use. They can buy a cake off of the list of cakes I... more
    • As long as they buy off the shelf thatSprout, Wed Jun 28 4:42am
      would be correct. But when we start talking about cakes for weddings they are CUSTOM MADE. No one said anything about a "rare and exotic" flourish. Simply pork bacon instead of turkey bacon.
      • That Is A Service...Amadeus, Wed Jun 28 5:24pm
        If I offer the service of custom made cakes, I have to sell that service to everyone. There are laws about obscenity that protect bakers from having to write messages on cakes that are offensive, but ... more
        • Couriers...Amadeus, Thu Jun 29 7:21am
          ...can't refuse to carry love letters between same-sex couples because they don't want to be seen as promoting homosexuality. Everyone understands that the courier doesn't know or care about the... more
      • them.
    • Well said... (nm) — Sia☺giah, Tue Jun 27 9:56pm
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