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There NEVER will be the END OF EVIL.
Tue Jun 27, 2017 11:10pm

Messianism is a futile concept. The Messianic hope is absurd. There will be no salvation of Humanity. There will be no end of war and strife.

The biggest mistake we can make is to imagine a that there will ever by a final triumph of good over evil. It can never happen. It is this kind of naivety that caused the "War to End All Wars" to fail miserably in its goal of ending war. The victors imagined that the horror of WW1 would convince everybody that wars would not be fought again, so they disarmed and let the Germans re-arm and guess what? WW2.

The fight of good against evil is forever, and there will never be any final victory. We must understand that. I remember reading that some stupid political analysts predicted that the downfall of the USSR meant the "end of history" as we know it, and confidently pronounced a new era of World Peace. No sooner did the USSR and Marxism collapse than militant Islam arose to replace them.

After Jihadism is defeated, there will be another huge mass movement that will bring about more strife around the World. After that another, then another, then another, ...

We can prepare for the future only by shedding our delusions and understanding that nothing is ever going to change human nature. Evil is part of our makeup and can never be expunged [but it may be ameliorated somewhat]. So long as there are humans, they will generate stupid & evil ideas like Marxism, Nazism, Islam, etc, without end and there will be stupid followers who will take up their banners and march to the new tunes, leaving trails of blood in their wakes.

These movements all have one thing in common: They claim to be ultimate and final. They claim that they will solve all the World's problems. The claim to have the idea that will convert Earth to paradise. In other words, they are Messianic. That is why they must fail: No idea can solve all problems and make Earth into a paradise. Forget the perfection of Humanity.

Evil is here to stay. Pessimistic? No! Merely realistic.


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