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It's for the money
Wed Jun 28, 2017 8:17am

Is the money no good?

  • redeeming features. DFM
    • It's for the money — Contrarian, Wed Jun 28 8:17am
    • What other career field allowsSprout, Tue Jun 27 7:12am
      a practitioner to make that kind of revenue in those limited hours of work with essentially zero educational/degree or formal training requirements?
      • Exactly what a prostitute once said to me.Christopher Blackwell, Fri Jun 30 7:06pm
        Sprout, She supported her kid and several members of her close family. That was an interesting four months, thirty years ago in Portland, Oregon.
      • my friend was a stripperTrish, Tue Jun 27 7:16am
        it paid her way through college - yes porn is different but I do believe there are several ethical studios out there
        • Agreed....Sprout, Tue Jun 27 7:37am
          I think there are some in those careers (I recognize that exotic dancing and porn are not identical, but I do see some strong commonalities) who USE the career to better themselves and move on and up ... more
        • having sex with customers, although that IS common. DFM
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