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Finally you answer the question...
Wed Jun 28, 2017 11:14am

I would say that within any social grouping you will find extremists. Grouchy old bastards exist in virtually every society.

Should we find this surprising? Nah.

Is it something that is DESIRABLE? Of course not, but short of executing everyone over retirement age, it is probably unavoidable.

Rapidly growing? What percentage of the world's population did they represent 50 years ago? What percentage of the world's population do they represent today?

Are they ACTUALLY rapidly growing? Or is it simply that the interwebs makes it easier to SEE things?

  • Newsworthiness is in the eye of the beholder.Edmund, Wed Jun 28 11:10am
    Therefore I can only tell you why I myself consider what I have posted here newsworthy, YMMV. It is "news" to me because I find it remarkable, indeed, incredible that cultural mysogyny of the level... more
    • Finally you answer the question... — Sprout, Wed Jun 28 11:14am
      • ...I posed the first question between the two of us in this thread and you "answered" it with two question in return. Considering that you had answered only ONE of the previous SIX question I had... more
      • SorryEdmund, Wed Jun 28 11:21am
        that, like a grouchy old bastard, you were unable to patiently wait until I snagged a chance to reply during my lunch hour. I'm going back to the job now, but don't waste any time in anticipation of... more
        • LOL... so, during your lunch you respondedSprout, Wed Jun 28 1:01pm
          to the post twice without answering the question, but now can't.... LOL...
          • Actually, no...Edmund, Wed Jun 28 6:06pm
            ...but if you are as amused by your lack of comprehension as you seem to be, who am I to strip you of your fun with an imposition of reality? You just keep that Ignorance Is Bliss blindfold intact... more
            • if it is lifted Eternal Life is obvious. We DO have a Soul and that is GOOD.
              • Five...Edmund, Sat Jul 1 1:26pm
                Edmund Fri Jun 16, 2017 4:47am I'm going to note each and every time you post to me "Refute my proofs" or anything else directly or indirectly referencing your alphabet soup nonsense and when the... more
        • You wouldn't.shadow, Wed Jun 28 11:41am
          His is a rational and thoughtful response, not emotional, politically correct driven nonsense.
          • It must give her some sort of perverse sense of purpose to post her trademark intellectually bankrupt claims for which she cannot begin to produce a word of rational, thoughtful support. So, Li'l... more
            • droves. more
              • Crucial? LOLEdmund, Mon Jul 3 6:35am
                That irrelevant fact is incorporated into the reality that The Haredi Jewish population is doubling every 12 to 20 years. Obviously, the dearly departed "droves" are "no match" in regards to keeping... more
            • Thank you for a nearly perfect illustrationshadow, Wed Jun 28 8:04pm
              of my contentions.
              • Oh, no, thank YOUEdmund, Wed Jun 28 8:16pm
                for yet another trademark intellectually bankrupt claim for which you HAVE NOT produced a word of rational, thoughtful support, for which you CANNOT produce a word of rational, thoughtful support,... more
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