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Oh, look, it's Li'l Miss Pile-on just a doin' her thang.
Wed Jun 28, 2017 6:06pm

It must give her some sort of perverse sense of purpose to post her trademark intellectually bankrupt claims for which she cannot begin to produce a word of rational, thoughtful support.

So, Li'l Miss, would it be fair to say that if you were to witness the cowardly, disgusting, bullying, subhuman spectacle of grown men spitting on a little girl that you would dismiss the atrocity Sprout-style as simply being "unavoidable" (oh, well, curmudgeons will be curmudgeons)? Oh, wait ... In light of the fact that you have today revealed yourself to be a mindless, irrational, emotionally enslaved, politically (and otherwise) incorrect, blindly loyal defender of Sprout-think, the question was answered before it even was asked. Never mind.

Would you care to make a feeble (sorry, there are no other options) attempt to provide a rational reason why I should bother to answer Sprout's ignorant questions pertaining to the rapid growth of Ultra-Orthodox Jewry when I had just posted a video revealing the following:

"As of 2011, there are approximately 1.3 million Haredi Jews."
"Haredi families have an aveerage of 5.9 childen."
"The United States is home to the second largest Haredi populations. In 2006 there were 468,000 Haredi Jews in [the] USA; their population has tripled in the last 20 years."
"Within the next three decades, the Haredi community is predicted to be the largest Jewish group in the UK."
"The Haredi Jewish population is growing very rapidly, doubling every 12 to 20 years."

Do enlighten this humble intellectual peasant, oh Queen of Rationality, from the bounty of thy infinite mercy and kindness.

And should you someday develop an interest in boosting the rationality and thoughtfulness of your own posts a level (or two or three), by all means try seating a monkey at your computer. Trained, untrained--it wouldn't matter.

  • You wouldn't.shadow, Wed Jun 28 11:41am
    His is a rational and thoughtful response, not emotional, politically correct driven nonsense.
    • Oh, look, it's Li'l Miss Pile-on just a doin' her thang. — Edmund, Wed Jun 28 6:06pm
      • droves. more
        • Crucial? LOLEdmund, Mon Jul 3 6:35am
          That irrelevant fact is incorporated into the reality that The Haredi Jewish population is doubling every 12 to 20 years. Obviously, the dearly departed "droves" are "no match" in regards to keeping... more
      • Thank you for a nearly perfect illustrationshadow, Wed Jun 28 8:04pm
        of my contentions.
        • Oh, no, thank YOUEdmund, Wed Jun 28 8:16pm
          for yet another trademark intellectually bankrupt claim for which you HAVE NOT produced a word of rational, thoughtful support, for which you CANNOT produce a word of rational, thoughtful support,... more
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