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Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:21am (XFF:

...can't refuse to carry love letters between same-sex couples because they don't want to be seen as promoting homosexuality. Everyone understands that the courier doesn't know or care about the couple. The courier is just delivering the letter.

Likewise, when a baker writes "Congratulations" on a cake, nobody assumes that the message is from the baker. The message is from the person paying for the cake.

(Just heading that argument off at the pass before it is attempted.)


  • That Is A Service...Amadeus, Wed Jun 28 5:24pm
    If I offer the service of custom made cakes, I have to sell that service to everyone. There are laws about obscenity that protect bakers from having to write messages on cakes that are offensive, but ... more
    • Couriers... — Amadeus, Thu Jun 29 7:21am
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