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Best Reason For Single Payer I Had Not Yet Heard...
Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:33am (XFF:

I listened to an interview with a rural doctor who was outspoken against the Republican plans to score political points, er, I mean to renovate our health care system.

He made a point about single payer that I had not considered, but which is intuitive and powerful. He said that the reason we need to pursue universal health care with a single payer is that everyone would have the right motivations as they worked on getting it right. If everyone is going to be using the same health care system, the same insurance, the same rules... then it is in their best interests to do it right. To get it right.

I absolutely agree. The longer we wait, the more we are needlessly suffering with a system that simply isn't as good as it could be.

We have learned from the GOP that it is easy to give people substandard products when you don't have to deal with those people face to face, and you don't have to use the substandard product.


  • Here Is What We Need From GOP On Healthcare...Amadeus, Thu Jun 29 7:17am Let's get Trump up in front of the Democrats, and have him explain the new ... more
    • DFM
      • Before you advocate Medicare or everyone...Mondo Fuego, Thu Jun 29 9:14am
        ... You should learn what Medicare is all about any how it works. First, it pays health care providers about ten cents on the dollar. That would destroy our health care system quickly. SES nailed it... more
        • bills to the hospitals, etc. I have never received any complaint from the hospitals. I don't know where you got "ten cents on the dollar", but you are mistaken. DFM
          • My Medicare is a godsend!Phooey, Thu Jun 29 8:28pm
            And my supplemental is great! My use of it is negligible. And great to know it is there if and when I need it.
            • I agree with you 100%.DFM, Thu Jun 29 8:56pm
              All this country needs is to extend Medicare to EVERYBODY who is in the country legally. Then there will be a large free market in supplemental coverage. This will halt the avalanche of bankruptcies... more
              • It's not that easy ...Mondo Fuego™, Fri Jun 30 8:29am
                ... you are still dodging the issue that Medicare compensates health care providers about ten cents on the dollar. I have a friend who spent 2 days in the hospital and had heart surgery via catheter. ... more
          • They tell the whole story. They show what the health care provider billed Medicare and what Medicare paid. In most cases, Medicare pays from about 8% to 15% to the health care provider. You don't get ... more
            • You misinterpret what is happening.DFM, Thu Jun 29 6:38pm
              Hospitals jack up prices in anticipation that Medicare assignment will reduce them. Hospitals are famous for gross overcharges. $25 for an aspirin tablet, etc. $5000 per day for a room alone.... more
              • I know exactly what's happening ...Mondo Fuego™, Fri Jun 30 9:06am
                I know that hospitals jack up prices to cover losses from indigents and people who do not pay. But, hospitals have some real costs: They employ a huge number of people. Employee payroll taxes,... more
    • ...we wouldn't now be here if the Democrats hadn't decided to f*ck the whole thing up in the first place. Roughly 20 million Americans didn't have Health Insurance because they couldn't afford it.... more
      • Most Of That Is Simply Not True...Amadeus, Thu Jun 29 11:42am
        Roughly 20 million Americans didn't have Health Insurance because they couldn't afford it. The number was much higher. Almost twice as much, if I remember correctly. Instead of creating a simple plan ... more
        • We need to destroy BoZoBaMa's so-called 'legacy" ...Mondo Fuego™, Thu Jun 29 3:26pm
          ... There's not much there of value .... only thing good is he's uut of office ... and acting like an idiot community organizer again. No other former President has clowned around, badmouthing the... more
        • The number that Barrack Hussein and Liberals were puking up before ObamaCare was 46 million. We went through that at the time. The number was totally bogus. It included about 10 million non-US... more
          • Fair ChallengeAmadeus, Fri Jun 30 6:21am
   You were specific in your claim, and I ... more
            • I'm not digging for it. You do it.SES, Fri Jun 30 6:25am
              Fact is, the number of Americans who didn't have Health Insurance before ObamaCare was closer to 18 million than the bogus 46 million that Liberals were puking up. We talked about it at the time. You ... more
          • LOL ... HammerDeus is virtually always wrong ...Mondo Fuego™, Thu Jun 29 3:22pm
            ... about everything. Mixed up boy.
      • WELL PUT! (nm)jb, Thu Jun 29 8:32am
    • Best Reason For Single Payer I Had Not Yet Heard... — Amadeus, Thu Jun 29 7:33am
      • "We" didn't learn that from the GOP ...Mondo Fuego, Thu Jun 29 9:01am
        YOU learned that from that lying sack of shit BoZoBaMa and his insane accomplice Pelosi. Quit starting sentences with "We". You don't represent or speak for anyone else except your ultra liberal self.
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