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Mondo Fuego
Before you advocate Medicare or everyone...
Thu Jun 29, 2017 9:14am

... You should learn what Medicare is all about any how it works.

First, it pays health care providers about ten cents on the dollar. That would destroy our health care system quickly.

SES nailed it when he pointed out that BoZoBaMa tried to force a one-size-fits-all abortion on everyone when only the slackers needed subsidy. In the meantime, you can bet that 100% of the slackers had an expensive cell phone and big screen TV paid for with welfare and WIC subsidy.

  • DFM
    • Before you advocate Medicare or everyone... — Mondo Fuego, Thu Jun 29 9:14am
      • bills to the hospitals, etc. I have never received any complaint from the hospitals. I don't know where you got "ten cents on the dollar", but you are mistaken. DFM
        • My Medicare is a godsend!Phooey, Thu Jun 29 8:28pm
          And my supplemental is great! My use of it is negligible. And great to know it is there if and when I need it.
          • I agree with you 100%.DFM, Thu Jun 29 8:56pm
            All this country needs is to extend Medicare to EVERYBODY who is in the country legally. Then there will be a large free market in supplemental coverage. This will halt the avalanche of bankruptcies... more
            • It's not that easy ...Mondo Fuego™, Fri Jun 30 8:29am
              ... you are still dodging the issue that Medicare compensates health care providers about ten cents on the dollar. I have a friend who spent 2 days in the hospital and had heart surgery via catheter. ... more
        • They tell the whole story. They show what the health care provider billed Medicare and what Medicare paid. In most cases, Medicare pays from about 8% to 15% to the health care provider. You don't get ... more
          • You misinterpret what is happening.DFM, Thu Jun 29 6:38pm
            Hospitals jack up prices in anticipation that Medicare assignment will reduce them. Hospitals are famous for gross overcharges. $25 for an aspirin tablet, etc. $5000 per day for a room alone.... more
            • I know exactly what's happening ...Mondo Fuego™, Fri Jun 30 9:06am
              I know that hospitals jack up prices to cover losses from indigents and people who do not pay. But, hospitals have some real costs: They employ a huge number of people. Employee payroll taxes,... more
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