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Right off the bat, you don't remember correctly.
Thu Jun 29, 2017 11:50am (XFF:

The number that Barrack Hussein and Liberals were puking up before ObamaCare was 46 million.

We went through that at the time. The number was totally bogus.

It included about 10 million non-US citizens, including illegal aliens.

46 million - 10 million = 36 million

It included about 10 million with incomes of over $75,000 who COULD have afforded Health Insurance, but CHOSE not to buy it.

36 million - 10 million = 26 million

And it included about 8 million who were eligible for coverage under an existing government plan, and just hadn't applied.

26 million - 8 million = 18 million

So the actual approximate number of uninsured Americans who couldn't afford Health Insurance was closer to 18 million. I rounded it up to 20 million.

So right out of the gate -- you're wrong.

How hard should it have been to create a plan to give those 18 million Americans Health Insurance? A 2,000+ page Bill that the Democrats had to lie about to get passed, that will spend 1.35 TRILLION dollars over 10 years? That required the "stupidity of the American voter" to get enacted?

  • Most Of That Is Simply Not True...Amadeus, Thu Jun 29 11:42am
    Roughly 20 million Americans didn't have Health Insurance because they couldn't afford it. The number was much higher. Almost twice as much, if I remember correctly. Instead of creating a simple plan ... more
    • We need to destroy BoZoBaMa's so-called 'legacy" ...Mondo Fuego™, Thu Jun 29 3:26pm
      ... There's not much there of value .... only thing good is he's uut of office ... and acting like an idiot community organizer again. No other former President has clowned around, badmouthing the... more
    • Right off the bat, you don't remember correctly. — SES, Thu Jun 29 11:50am
      • Fair ChallengeAmadeus, Fri Jun 30 6:21am You were specific in your claim, and I ... more
        • I'm not digging for it. You do it.SES, Fri Jun 30 6:25am
          Fact is, the number of Americans who didn't have Health Insurance before ObamaCare was closer to 18 million than the bogus 46 million that Liberals were puking up. We talked about it at the time. You ... more
      • LOL ... HammerDeus is virtually always wrong ...Mondo Fuego™, Thu Jun 29 3:22pm
        ... about everything. Mixed up boy.
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