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My Medicare is a godsend!
Thu Jun 29, 2017 8:28pm

And my supplemental is great! My use of it is negligible. And great to know it is there if and when I need it.

  • bills to the hospitals, etc. I have never received any complaint from the hospitals. I don't know where you got "ten cents on the dollar", but you are mistaken. DFM
    • My Medicare is a godsend! — Phooey, Thu Jun 29 8:28pm
      • I agree with you 100%.DFM, Thu Jun 29 8:56pm
        All this country needs is to extend Medicare to EVERYBODY who is in the country legally. Then there will be a large free market in supplemental coverage. This will halt the avalanche of bankruptcies... more
        • It's not that easy ...Mondo Fuego™, Fri Jun 30 8:29am
          ... you are still dodging the issue that Medicare compensates health care providers about ten cents on the dollar. I have a friend who spent 2 days in the hospital and had heart surgery via catheter. ... more
    • They tell the whole story. They show what the health care provider billed Medicare and what Medicare paid. In most cases, Medicare pays from about 8% to 15% to the health care provider. You don't get ... more
      • You misinterpret what is happening.DFM, Thu Jun 29 6:38pm
        Hospitals jack up prices in anticipation that Medicare assignment will reduce them. Hospitals are famous for gross overcharges. $25 for an aspirin tablet, etc. $5000 per day for a room alone.... more
        • I know exactly what's happening ...Mondo Fuego™, Fri Jun 30 9:06am
          I know that hospitals jack up prices to cover losses from indigents and people who do not pay. But, hospitals have some real costs: They employ a huge number of people. Employee payroll taxes,... more
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