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I'm not digging for it. You do it.
Fri Jun 30, 2017 6:25am (XFF:

Fact is, the number of Americans who didn't have Health Insurance before ObamaCare was closer to 18 million than the bogus 46 million that Liberals were puking up. We talked about it at the time. You either don't remember, or CHOOSE not to remember.

ObamaCare was a sledgehammer, used by idiot Democrats to drive a small thumbtack.

And now Republicans are left to make Chicken Salad out of the idiot Democrats' Chicken Sh*t.

  • Fair ChallengeAmadeus, Fri Jun 30 6:21am You were specific in your claim, and I ... more
    • I'm not digging for it. You do it. — SES, Fri Jun 30 6:25am
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