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They are not comparable because
Fri Jun 30, 2017 6:29am

they are not only not the same, but they are not even CLOSE when you apply a SMALL amount of understanding of anatomy.

I read quite well. But other than the fact that they are in the same general area of the body, they have very LITTLE in common, making them a PISS POOR comparison...

Unless you have a political/religious axe to grind.

Which you do. Desperately trying to paint Islam in the most positive light possible, by dragging any other position down to match it.

  • I Didn't Say They Were The Same Thing...Amadeus, Fri Jun 30 6:22am
    What is wrong with you people? Can you not read? Amadeus
    • They are not comparable because — Sprout, Fri Jun 30 6:29am
      • comparable, like extreme sensory sensitivity, sensitivity to touch, ability to enlarge, etc.
      • W the actual F?Amadeus, Fri Jun 30 8:41am
        I am NOT trying to paint Islam (which has no strictures concerning FGM, by the way) in any light. This has nothing to do with Islam. It has to do with the principles around freedom of religion and... more
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