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Mondo Fuego™
It's not that easy ...
Fri Jun 30, 2017 8:29am

... you are still dodging the issue that Medicare compensates health care providers about ten cents on the dollar.

I have a friend who spent 2 days in the hospital and had heart surgery via catheter. The hospital billed Medicare $156,000, including the cardio surgeon's fee of $4,900. Medicare paid the hospital $13,800. That's 8.85 cents on the dollar. The patient was covered 100% for the hospital and 80% of the Medicare approved surgeon's fee of $1100. Supplemental B insurance covered the remaining $220 of the surgeon's fee. That's how it works. Now, you can understand why some health care providers do not accept Medicare patients.

If everyone were on Medicare, the health care industry would go broke. Med students would quit their $1,000,000 education and take up plumbing, pipefitting or tool & die trades.

I know hospitals jack up their rates to cover indigent patients, but you have to figure in what it really costs to operate hospitals, what is fair compensation for doctors and other health care providers, and how to equitably share the cost among citizens. Removing the cap on SS would serve somewhat to shore up the Social Security System Ponzi Scheme. Medicare would still be robbing it blind.

You also have to build in incentives for people to live a healthy lifestyle. Obesity is a huge problem. Tobacco and illegal drugs place a tremendous burden on the system. Proposed incentive: Tax the crap out of fat people, smokers and illegal drug users so they have less money to spend on food, cigarettes and drugs.

  • I agree with you 100%.DFM, Thu Jun 29 8:56pm
    All this country needs is to extend Medicare to EVERYBODY who is in the country legally. Then there will be a large free market in supplemental coverage. This will halt the avalanche of bankruptcies... more
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