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Now, There You've Gone And Slipped Things In...
Fri Jun 30, 2017 8:33am (XFF:

I granted your challenge because you were specific. And now, in response, you shift things back to "the number of Americans who didn't have health insurance" - rather than the number who didn't have it because they couldn't afford it.

No, the number who didn't have it was north of 40 million. That's a fact.

The ACA was hobbled by Republican partisanship. It could have been better, and it can be improved upon.

The problems being faced by the ACA right now are largely driven by the Trump administration's undermining of it via executive order. You know, telling the IRS not to enforce the mandate... pulling the programs to get people signed up...

But the best thing about all this is that Republicans don't realize that they're just going to end up advancing socialized health care, even though they hate it. The people, by and large, love it. And since the GOP opened this can of worms, and despite their best efforts, the facts are getting out, they will be forced to DO something. And they will be constrained in what they DO. If they give into the temptation to indulge in welfare for the rich at the expense of the health care system and our most vulnerable, the people will pin that to them come election time, and a wave of Democrats won't be interested in working with Republicans this time. On the other hand, they could just get down to the business they are supposed to be down to, and fix the ACA's less spectacular parts. There is the third option of just dropping it and trying to continue undermining it. Yeah, let's see how well that works out for Republicans. LOL...


  • I'm not digging for it. You do it.SES, Fri Jun 30 6:25am
    Fact is, the number of Americans who didn't have Health Insurance before ObamaCare was closer to 18 million than the bogus 46 million that Liberals were puking up. We talked about it at the time. You ... more
    • Now, There You've Gone And Slipped Things In... — Amadeus, Fri Jun 30 8:33am
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