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Common Sense should be Common to Everybody. (nm)
Fri Jun 30, 2017 8:55am

  • of legalism had common sense been eclipsed. It must be restored to its position of supremacy. DFM
    • Common Sense should be Common to Everybody. (nm) — jb, Fri Jun 30 8:55am
    • Absolutely Not.Amadeus, Fri Jun 30 8:35am
      Common sense varies from person to person. What you need is legalistic underpinnings and legalistic legislation to cover 99% of things with common sense judges empowered to handle the 1% where the... more
      • enshrined in the Constitution and nearly all Common Law. That is the meaning of "reasonable" as used all over the legal system. Proof beyond "Reasonable Doubt". (Amendment 4 - Search and Seizure) The ... more
        • but you invent excuses not to accept them, NONE OF WHICH make any sense.
        • I Take Heart...Amadeus, Fri Jun 30 12:23pm
          ...that it is you accusing me of ignorance. It really made my Friday. The more subjective our laws are made by design, the more vulnerable they and our entire legal system is to manipulation and... more
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