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Mondo Fuego™
I know exactly what's happening ...
Fri Jun 30, 2017 9:06am

I know that hospitals jack up prices to cover losses from indigents and people who do not pay.

But, hospitals have some real costs:

They employ a huge number of people.
Employee payroll taxes, insurance and benefits are huge.
Their liability and property insurance costs are astronomical.
Their supplies costs are astronomical.
Their utility bills are huge.
Their equipment and plant costs and maintenance are astronomical.

Insurance companies want to limit hospital stays, which reduces revenue and leads to empty hospital beds. In the 1960s, a maternity patient spent 5-7 days in the hospital. Now they are booted out in a day or two because their insurance won't pay for extra days, and no maternity patients are on Medicare that might cover extra days. :) Average hospital stays are a fraction of what they used to be 50 years ago.

Spend a little time studying the whole picture.

If every patient paid ten cents on the dollar like Medicare does, hospitals would go out of business and doctors would become electrician, plumbers, pipefitters and tool & die craftsmen.

  • You misinterpret what is happening.DFM, Thu Jun 29 6:38pm
    Hospitals jack up prices in anticipation that Medicare assignment will reduce them. Hospitals are famous for gross overcharges. $25 for an aspirin tablet, etc. $5000 per day for a room alone.... more
    • I know exactly what's happening ... — Mondo Fuego™, Fri Jun 30 9:06am
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