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How about America's attempts to PRESERVE GOVERNMENTS? (nm)
Sat Jul 1, 2017 5:44am

  • America's attempts to overthrow other people's governments Christopher Blackwell, Fri Jun 30 2:52pm
    Since World War II, here is a list of 59 attempts at overthrowing other countries' governments.... more
    • Certainly. That is what the CIA is for.DFM, Sun Jul 2 9:59pm
      Even now, you can be certain that the CIA is attempting to orchestrate the overthrow of numerous governments: Iran North Korea Laos Venezuela Cuba This policy is a very good thing. The overthrow of... more
    • How about America's attempts to PRESERVE GOVERNMENTS? (nm) — jb, Sat Jul 1 5:44am
    • Attempts?Contrarian, Fri Jun 30 6:23pm
      One might guess quite a few were overthrown. Thanks for the link. Oh say can you see.....
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