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DON'T u UNDERSTAND? the issue is how the neurological system
Sat Jul 1, 2017 11:02am

works? DAMN, MAN, have you NO INTEREST IN THE TRUTH? The neurological system is NOT WORKING and SUDDENLY it APPEARS TO WORK! That is impossible! The ONLY possible explanation is the SOUL! If you understand NDE, the body is CLINICALLY DEAD SO the brain is NOT FUNCTIONING BUT THERE IS CONSCIOUS AWARENESS! See the Aware study! That is IMPOSSIBLE! ONLY the Soul can explain that AWARENESS. If you don't believe it, read Fear Death Experiences where the body is functioning and there is FEAR of death and the Soul leaves the body and goes up in the air or Shared Death Experiences where the Soul leaves the body. In these the body and brain are working but the Consciousness leaves the body. THAT MEANS the consciousness IS NOT IN THE BODY. I have been studying these things for decades and am TRYING to discuss them because there is a REVOLUTION in neurology but there is a fear or reluctance to consider the possibility of the Soul's existence. WHY? We have learned a lot from neurology but much of it is WRONG. Now, we need to reconsider what we think we know and OPINIONS ARE CHANGING. Why don't you help me and ask some intelligent questions. CAN YOU? There are many proofs which I have posted. But, discussion has NEVER gotten far. Do you want to know the Truth or Not.

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