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How automation is taking jobs:
Sun Jul 2, 2017 2:25am

Some political extremists who view everything in terms of politics might think unemployment is a political problem... Maybe it's a technology problem instead.

It is a complicated problem, so please try to watch to whole video before replying.

Maybe we need to focus on making technology that makes our lives better but does not eliminate jobs. Things like a new improved smart phone or a new safety feature for cars are some examples.

Maybe we should try to shorten the standard work week so we have more people working.

Maybe we should give a universal basic income.

    • I myself have created enough automation to cause otherEx-News Junkie, Sun Jul 2 8:26am
      people to have to change jobs. One example is a simple spreadsheet I created. An office worker was spending half a day going through lists manually looking for a specific thing. I just used the... more
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