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I myself have created enough automation to cause other
Sun Jul 2, 2017 8:26am

people to have to change jobs. One example is a simple spreadsheet I created. An office worker was spending half a day going through lists manually looking for a specific thing. I just used the built-in features of the software to automatically filter for that thing, eliminating the need for that worker to spend 5 hours a day doing it. It now takes five minutes. That person was moved to a different job.

It didn't take much to eliminate that job. However it took my knowledge of the software and some ingenuity to make it happen. The software didn't do it automatically, or automatically inform the employee that there was a better way of doing things. If it were not for my inventiveness, nobody there would have known how to save the time & effort. I can see lots of jobs eliminated this way. Any repetitive job that takes a lot of time is a legitimate target for a tool of some sort, maybe even an automated tool.

I suppose I myself could end up out of work at some point too. If I cannot find employment where my skills are useful, i.e. if someone else figures out a better way of doing the repetitive things that I spend exorbitant amounts of time doing, then I'll have to apply for welfare just like anyone else.

Any future can be made to look dystopian if you don't provide solutions to the obvious ways in which changing conditions will affect people's lives. One solution being bandied about is "universal basic income". Sure, why not. That's what communists do. Obviously people who like free market economics will be freaking out (someone always does). Maybe there are other solutions as well to help people adapt.

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    • I myself have created enough automation to cause other — Ex-News Junkie, Sun Jul 2 8:26am
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