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  • It must give her some sort of perverse sense of purpose to post her trademark intellectually bankrupt claims for which she cannot begin to produce a word of rational, thoughtful support. So, Li'l... more
    • Except for ONE crucial fact. Haredim LEAVE the movement in — DFM, Sun Jul 2 10:56pm
      • Crucial? LOLEdmund, Mon Jul 3 6:35am
        That irrelevant fact is incorporated into the reality that The Haredi Jewish population is doubling every 12 to 20 years. Obviously, the dearly departed "droves" are "no match" in regards to keeping... more
    • Thank you for a nearly perfect illustrationshadow, Wed Jun 28 8:04pm
      of my contentions.
      • Oh, no, thank YOUEdmund, Wed Jun 28 8:16pm
        for yet another trademark intellectually bankrupt claim for which you HAVE NOT produced a word of rational, thoughtful support, for which you CANNOT produce a word of rational, thoughtful support,... more
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