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Let me tell you a true story that happened locally...
Mon Jul 3, 2017 8:58am

A woman was walking from a Kohl's store out to her car. A local criminal threatened her with violence to get money. She, being licensed to carry a firearm, and armed, drew her firearm, at which point the criminal ran away. She didn't shoot anyone, he didn't steal anyone. Per your expectation, she should simply re-holster her gun and go on about her life. Which is what she did. She did NOT call the police.

Who did? The criminal did and reported a crazy lady in the parking lot waving her gun at everyone along with her description. Now, when the local police arrive with that as the ONLY INFORMATION that they have, what happens THEN? She ends up face down on the pavement in a parking lot at gunpoint. Yes, eventually it was all sorted out and she was not formally charged.

But wouldn't it have been better to have simply made one phone call to report the ATTEMPTED mugging, and so AVOID being put on the pavement at gunpoint by the police?

Whatever wins the day is the right response if you are not thinking.

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